Sunday, May 10, 2015

Mt. Bonnell Adventure

My favorite day of the week is Friday. There's a special feeling of freedom to have a day off when most folks are stuck at work. Since we're still a month away from Austin area school being out for the summer, we're trying really hard to get out and do some things when no one else is around. Our first stop was Mt. Bonnell. If you live anywhere that has real mountains, you'll make fun of us for calling this a mountain. None the less, it was a still a great outing for the family. 

Most of our time was spent on the stairs. There was somewhere in the neighborhood of 1 billion roley poleys on the stairs. the kids had to touch and count each of them and capture as many as possible. 

We make it to the top and enjoy a really great view of the hill country. Aidan and Ryla are fully aware that this is a great photo opp, so they take the positions and look cute. Noah doesn't care about pictures, though. He's still hunting for bugs...

We finally convinced the younger two that they wouldn't be eaten alive by monsters if we took a train through the woods. Aidan thought it was an awesome adventure into the wilderness. Noah wanted to find more bugs, and Ryla wanted to get back home so she could put her princess dress back on. Ok, that last one's not true. She may like the pink frills, but she can handle some action and adventure with the best of them.

Mom said she wanted a picture with the munchkins. Noah believes this is code for being a poop and cry a lot. The good news is that he does have a relatively cute "I'm in a bad mood face."

Ryla thought the morning was pretty awesome and decided to celebrate with some gymnastics- shocker. Lot's of fun was had by everyone, and we're pretty excited for a month of adventure.


Family Story Time

During the school year we really focused on making sure Aidan was reading the assigned readings. Now that school is done, we're pretty focused on making sure he keeps getting some practice since it would be really annoying to get to first grade and find out he forgot to read during his three month break. 

The other day we gave him a book to read that we have read together as a family many times. Aidan sat down to read it and the other two heard him start. As soon as they heard the opening line, they ran and jumped up on the couch for story time. This is the very first time Aidan has been the one to read them their book for story time, and it was a pretty awesome thing to witness. And, let's be honest, we don't mind having one less thing to do.

Aidan's Last day of Kindergarten

It seems like it was about 6 weeks ago when we posted the picture of Noah holding Aidan and crying because he didn't wan't his big brother to go off to school without him. Somehow we have made it through a challenging and exciting year of Kindergarten. Aidan has been counting down the days to his last day for about a month, and he was so excited to finish with a Field Day.

Even with all of the fun activities, Aidan's favorite part of the day was hanging with his friends. Here's Aidan with his girl Meredith. I know, it's shocking that his best friend ,who is a girl, happens to be a blonde...
Aidan and Elijah have been tight all year. They've gotten themselves into some good honest trouble a time or two. They love to hang out with each other and are pretty convinced that they're two of the most awesome kids on the planet.

The teacher says, "Aidan, go run as fast as you can to that bucket and back." Judging by his face, this is the most incredible opportunity he's ever had.
And here's Aidan's recap of how awesome it was to run to the bucket and back as fast as he can. EVERYTHING IS AWESOME!!!!!!

He told us about 100 times how his team couldn't be beaten. It was on the 101st telling that he told us they were playing on a hill and his team was pulling down the hill and the other team was pulling up the hill. I said, "Wow, that was a strong hill." He says, "No, we were a strong team, the hill was just there."

And last, but not least, Mrs. Mason. Aidan thought Mrs. Mason was pretty amazing as a teacher this year. He learned a ton from her, and she did an exceptional job at working with each of the kids in ways that allowed them to excel. Thanks for all the help Mrs. Mason, hope you have a great summer!

Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Packer Fun

Back in the glory days of our time at ACU, two of our favorite people to hang out with were Collin and Holly Packer. After several years of begins spread across the country from one another, we're finally back within driving distance. We were really excited to jump on our first chance to run up the road to Dallas to get some time with some great friends. 

This is really the first time that we've spent any real time together with each of us having our three kiddos, and it was pretty hilarious to watch how much fun they had playing with each other.

Of course Ryla would be drawn to the baby... These two spent most of the afternoon with one another giggling and having a ball.

This really sums up the level of crazy fun that we had with our time together. Lots of laughs, a great chance to catch up with great friends, and a chance for some great new friendships to be established. Looking forward to many more road trips in our future.

Take Me Out to the Ballgame

There's no denying that we're fortunate to live in one of the coolest cities around. A great highlight is being able to enjoy the culture and excitement of our good ol' Longhorns. We had the chance to go UT baseball game with our buddies the McWherter's. It is always a blast to hang with Casey and McKenna. Those two take the party with them wherever they go and graciously allow us to pretend to be as cool as they are.

Of all the things we've done since being here in Austin, this was one of the most unique and exciting things we've done. Now, it took a little practice, but the munchkins were able to figure out how to represent the home team (with various levels of ability and coolness).

It's hard to say what Aidan enjoyed more- the night at the ball park, or the chance to get a little one on one time with his girl Harlow.

UT brought the heat to the Sooners that night, and we loved every second of the action.